Learn English, a difficult thing? Let’s we doing together to make it easy


(before, I so sorry, because i didn’t comprehend as well as understanding full about it, but, i want to learning it. Apologize, if it is nothing perfect.)

this time, we wiil learn Tense, first, Simple Present Tense

Rumus Verbal:

(+) Subject + Verb1 + s/es

(-) Subject + Do/ Does + Not + Verb1

(?) Do/Does + Subject + Verb1 + ?


She goes to school every morning

She doesn’t go to school every morning.

Does she go to school every morning?


Rumus Nomina

(+) Subject + To be + Object + Adjective

(-) Subject + To be + Object + Adjective 

(?) To be + Subject + Object + Adjective


I am hugry

They are here every day

I am a student


verb which ends letter ” Ch, O, Sh, S, X, Z” plus suffix “es”

example: Pass –> Passes, Finish –> Finishes, Teach –> Teaches, Go –> Goes

Verb ends ” Y” preceded by (consonant) 

example: Study –> studies

Verb ends ” Y” preceded by huruf vocal.

example: Play –> Plays





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