Hydrology and Agro Ecosystem in climate change on food security


by me

Hydrology in special category learned water in land/world, description impact form characteristic to water, water physic  effect toward land and learned interaction between water and life. In this article, specially with be related to climate change is the point interaction water with life. Water is once fundamental resource in human life that very important. The definition of water is resource because utility values appropriate whit existence to fill need determined by beneficiaries. (Suyono, 2004). Can be said that water is source of live human the main. Absence of water,  so the earth that was once dry impossible be covered by plant. The most component the form body structure is water.

If the water is disturbed existence, the who will feel impact is human. Climate change is one the main causes of the problem that occur on the water. Not only in the form of air pollution affecting the water but also in the form of pollution to the water self. Climate change causes the water cycle becomes more irregular and difficult to predict. For tropical areas like Indonesian which has only two season (rainy and dry season), is to take effect. The season is getting screwed.


Cyclical changes even this very large impact on the tropic areas with their agricultural activities. Transitional seasons of uncertainly makes famers lose. The growing season but rain should not turn. So that the plants that are planted too dry and dead. But, when rains falls, the volume is excessive, to make rotten crops planted. This incidence also triggered  the failure of the harvest.

Climate change is causing transitional season in the tropical areas and some of the other hemisphere,  the trigger changes in agricultural ecosystem. Agricultural ecosystem change will certainly affect the behavior patterns of agriculture, especially in Indonesian. Moreover, most of the population of the Indonesian livelihood  as farmers. Farmers makes lose crop failure. Not only the loss farmers, food security system in Indonesian would be disturbed. When food security in Indonesian or in an area disturbed, hen the welfare of the people in it will be threatened. Thus, it can be said that hydrology and Agro Ecosystem in a climate change will have an impact on food security in the region. In fact, agriculture is one of the major sources of man acquire food to meet food needs. If it is disturbed agriculture ecosystem, food security will be compromised. The impact is felt not only by intra-region but also extra areas. Especially in regions that rely heavily on the region. The stability of the affected food security will have an impact on other aspects are very important, such as defense and security, politic, economic, and social aspects.

The importance of instilling awareness of climate change is happening, and will get worse if not addressed, is should be highlighted. Without the individual human awareness, the balance of the ecosystem less likely to be conserved and maintained.


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